Curb Appeal

It is said that first impressions are made within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone. The same can be said for a house. If a buyer gets a bad first impression driving by a home and seeing the outside, chances are they won’t be interested in setting up a showing. A good landscape and overall outside appeal are critically  imperative to snag the interest of a potential buyer.

Now is the special time of year when those who are blessed with a green thumb break out their gloves and mini shovels and trek out to the backyard to dig holes that will be filled with bulbs and seeds. For those of us whose thumbs are only slightly tinted green (when held in just the right lighting), the pre-potted plants do the trick. Whoever came up with the idea to sell plants that are already started was just awesome, plain and simple. These lovely little beauties are already started and if you remember to water them, they are almost impossible to kill. It’s a win/win situation where both the gardener and the flowers are happy.

Plants and flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but they are said to produce about 30% of the Earth’s oxygen. They also help give a home one of the least expensive ways to get desired attention, and gives the seller the means to add just a little bit more on to the asking price. The biggest strategy for plants, flowers and trees in a yard: curb appeal.

There is a great video on curb appeal and the kind of investments that can be made to achieve it. The video can be found here:

Curb appeal isn’t just plants, however. There are many small changes that can be made to spruce up your house’s exterior. Try getting a new door, or shutters. Try painting your old door or even the whole house. Replace exterior knockers and door handles with something brass and fancy looking. Mailboxes, outside lights, and well placed stones can help do the trick. There are so many different ways to make a house look better and more pulled together and they don’t have to be done all at once. You can take your time and budget to do them little by little.

There are so many helpful articles out there, I have compiled a list of some that I found:

Hopefully these have helped to give you some new ideas to freshen up the look of your house this spring!


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