The Birthplace of Minnesota

Stillwater, founded in 1837, is known as the “birthplace of Minnesota” and is a town that has a unique mix of a bustling main street, filled with stores of all kinds, and a quiet surrounding scenery of bluffs, forest and the river. The streets of downtown are teaming with old fashioned candy shops, wineries, antique stores filled with treasures from the past, and one-of-a-kind eateries that are exclusive to the town. There are numerous bed and breakfasts tucked away in the quiet hills of the town, perfect for a low-cost romantic get-away.

As a one of the the biggest tourist attractions in the state, this little town sees people from all over the world year round. The locals embraces the traffic that the tourism brings, and the they offer many different options for a day of fun. There is everything from lunch on the river paddlewheel boats or 40’s style dining train to trolley tours of the town (say THAT five times fast) to hot air balloon and romantic gondola rides.  The places to eat range everywhere from old fashioned malt shops and burger joints, built for families and kids, to high-end restaurants where couples go to for a romantic evening bathed in candlelight.

For history buffs, there is no end to the places that one could visit. Many of the buildings and houses are from the original town. There is a historic courthouse that offers tours and a place for weddings, and multiple houses sprinkled throughout the town that were the homes of famous writers and celebrities. One could spend the day walking around, looking at the homes and guessing the history, but a more efficient way to get the information would be a trolley tour. They last about 45 minutes and cover as much of the town as possible.

Honestly, I could spend my entire day going on and on about this beautiful little haven tucked into the scenic St. Croix bluffs, but this is one time where curiosity getting the best of someone is going to lead them to find their own little piece of history.

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