Summer Camps

Living in a state where the winters are harsh and unyielding gives most Minnesotan’s an appreciation for summer time and warm weather that is vastly different from those found in southern states. I can clearly remember walking outside on that first relatively warm day in spring and seeing that all the snow is gone. That excited feeling you get when you can finally smell the grass and flowers starting to bloom.

While there is an unlimited list of nice things about this time of year, there are also parts that weigh on parents. Those with younger kids now have to find ways to keep them busy or find a daycare service that can take them. There are many different options but which one is most affordable? What if your kids don’t want to go? How can I know that they are in good hands? The list of questions is endless and the best way to find out the answers is to research, research, RESEARCH. Have the kids be a part of the process. Find out what other parents are doing and see if you can make up a carpool schedule. Most programs run through schools are a good choice and the kids might have friends willing to join in.

The first few days may be a little rocky, especially for those with shy children, but a camp or daily drop off camp is a great way for them to meet people and make friends. posted a great article ( that gives a lot of good tips for parents.

Remember, you want this to be a positive experience for your child, not something they wind up needing a therapist for. Making the right choice is a process that should involve the child’s opinion also. When selecting a camp, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions and let the kids ask questions also. A good camp will always be eager to give you any information you require.


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