The Speed of Change

It’s a beautiful day. A few wispy clouds are in the sky, and the birds are a churpin’. For some, though, this beautiful day is greatly diminished by the sounds and smells of men and women filling potholes and building roads and bridges. Not to mention the extended ride into work. Yes, we made it through another Minnesota winter, only to be greeted by construction season.

As far as I have been able to find, the Twin Cities has about 79 projects lined up for this spring and summer. While a few of these are already completed, this just covers the plans for road construction. There is a complete list of all the projects, costs ranging from several thousand dollars to a couple hundred million over the course of a few years, that can be found here:

While these projects may seem inconvenient and never-ending, they do better our community in the long term. When businesses look for places to settle, they usually want high-traffic areas with a good infrastructure. With better roads that allow for more traffic, they are getting exactly that.

These projects also help stimulate the economy with the money being spent for labor and materials. This is particularly true if the work force involved is local. Overall, the whole scenario is really a little-picture / big-picture deal. We may not see the advantages when we are trying to get home at the speed of a turtle crawling through peanut butter, but when our local businesses and community continue thriving, I’m sure most of us will understand the importance of these projects just a little bit better.

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Average Home Sale – Twin Cities

I recently read an article on Trulia that gave a summary of the average home sale in St. Paul, MN. While there was good news in the article (the listing price of the average home is up 1.4%), there is definite room for improvement.  The article can be found here:

As a city, St. Paul is ranked as one of the most affordable cities in America according to Their article states that

At $249,000, the current median asking price for homes in Minneapolis-St.  Paul remains higher than those of its neighbors on our list. The Twin Cities make up for it in quality of life, touting low unemployment rates and a                   healthy cost of living vs. salary.

“Minneapolis-St. Paul has very strong institutions of medical research and higher education, a highly educated population and a desirable amenity base,” says Stuart Gabriel, director of the Ziman Center for real estate at the University of California Los Angeles.

“Minneapolis has weathered the downturn better than most places and its            prospects continue to look relatively bright,” says Gabriel, who has           researched the quality of life as it relates to real estate economics.

The entire article can be found here:

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Recent Events

Ahh Friday. That big yellow thing in the sky is shining, birds are singing and it’s still cool enough to wear pants. Oh, and our friends across the pond have just celebrated what is “the most anticipated wedding of the century”. It seems that today couldn’t get any better (well, probably not for the thousands of women who wanted a chance with the future King of England, but for those of us who have resigned to just being happy for the couple, it’s pretty hard to top today).

I decided that today should be dedicated to some good news for the real estate industry in the Twin Cities. There are so many articles out there talking about how housing prices here are in the basement, falling 3.1% since February, but there is also news from Fannie Mae that they have developed a new program that allows its participants the much needed help to answer their questions about mortgage payments and even assisted one woman in lowering her monthly payment by almost $300. If you are interested in the article, you can find it here:

It is programs like these that continue to revive my confidence in our ability to stand together and help one another through these tough times. We just need to hang in there. As we just witnessed, it can’t rain forever.

Rain Rain Go Away…

Plants may be enjoying these past few days (Lord knows my grass has gone from some sort of  brownish matting to green and springy “Hello, world. Here I am!” grass almost over night) but seeing as most people like to stay dry, it is easy to understand how some can get bored. That is why I found a website that lists all of the upcoming events in the Twin Cities, and I have to say, most of them have good potential.

There is everything from A Field Guide to Snow and Ice going on today (that one makes me a little sad), to the Electric Light Orchestra on the 29th. There is the  Mayday Parade on May 1st and Paul Simon on the 2nd.

The complete list can be found here:

This site allows the user to search by date, event type and/or neighborhood. It’s a nice ace for a parent to have up his/her sleeve for a weekend and it absolutely comes in handy on days like these.

Hang in there, MN. A few more days of April showers and we will be seeing all the pretty May flowers.

Soon...hang in there.

What is a Short Sale?

If someone owes more on his/her house than it’s worth, the short sale process may be the ideal answer to his/her situation.

A short sale, in a nutshell, is a deal one makes with his/her lender so that he/she can avoid foreclosure and avoid the problems that come with it. In a short sale situation, the seller sells his/her house for less than what he/she owes on it.

With the current trend in the market, short sales seem to be on the rise and if the short sale value is close to the market value, with the right agent, he/she may be able to sell his/her house with the bank agreeing to take the loss and he/she avoiding foreclosure.

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