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What Big Eyes You Have…Home Security

Most modern houses today are equipped with security systems designed to keep you and your family safe. They are designed to alert you if there is poisonous gas, a fire or an intruder. From what I have gathered, the Minneapolis and St. Paul area’s police force are pretty open with the public on what is going on. For those out there that believe they aren’t doing enough, you must understand that for some cases (I’m assuming the really bad ones) the police department can’t just give out the details willy nilly. There are a lot of variables in a crime and if they shared some of the more intimate ones with the public and let them become common knowledge, it wouldn’t help in the solving of the crimes.

A home security system not only is a sound investment, it also gives a home owner peace of mind to know that when they leave for work or go out of town, their belongings and livelihood are safe. Another good idea for those who want don’t want to be a victim of a burglary, is the things you can do to the outside of your house. http://www.providerofchoice.net/ some examples of precautions you can take. They state that you need to:

“Think like a burglar: 

First drive by your home checking for visibility of doors and windows. Second walk around the home looking for possible ways a burglar might break in. Burglars like areas that would conceal them from neighbors and passing vehicles. Make notes of areas you find that are potentials for making your home vulnerable to a burglary. Look at these areas from a burglars point of view and take the required steps to solve the security problem.”

They also give a link to ways you can improve your home security without spending more money than you would like. That link can be found here:


About.com has a great article on Twin Cities neighborhoods and how to find out how safe yours is. Their article can be found by following this link:


I’m a fan of hiding my stuff like some sort of OCD squirrel, so anyone who ever wanted to break into my place had better have a long time to look around. They might also find some unpleasant surprises waiting for them…booby-trapping should have been on the list. Hire a war veteran to secure your house and yard. I like that idea. Anyways, I hope this has helped anyone out there with questions on home security and for those people out there who want to keep the bad guys out for the price of two grains of rice and a chicken, just get a fake security sticker and some motion sensing lights for outside the house…burglars hate that.