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Cabin Fever

Minnesota is a state where cabins are extremely popular. There are thousands of them located all over the state. They can be found on serene lakes, tucked away in the beautiful scenery of a Minnesota landscape, or in a sleepy town surrounded by miles of lush green forest.

One of the reasons I missed my last two blogs was because I was at my family’s cabin over the holiday weekend. I went up there stressed about life and work, and came back home with a complete second wind. Up north, I was surrounded by wildlife and acres upon acres of trees that were homes to some of the most curious (and daring) deer I have ever seen in my life. It was a completely relaxing experience that was very affordable.

Today, a lot of people all over the country are trying to save money. Those who were once able to spend freely are now having to learn to budget and save. Everyone has taken at least a few hits, if not more and for some, a vacation seems out of the question. I mean come on, you would have to buy plane tickets and hotel rooms, there are rental cars and dinners. And what if there were kids involved? Not everyone has the budget for a get away like that. That is the great thing about a cabin. Most of them in Minnesota are within driving distance and they are reasonably priced.

Cabins can be great for family trips because of all the activities that come along with the territory. There is fishing, hunting, boating, swimming, tubing, waterskiing, campfires (with S’MORES), hiking, exploring, shopping and all sorts of other activities that everyone can enjoy.

So the next time you want to plan a family vacation or a relaxing retreat, try renting a cabin for a week and exploring the opportunities that come with it.

If you want to check out some of the ones I found, here’s the list of websites: