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It’s Getting Hot, Hot, Hot!

The Twin Cities is a place of extremes and nothing illustrates this like the weather does. I was planning on blogging about senior housing or deciding what kind of pet to get but I couldn’t even think straight with all this heat and humidity. When I walked outside to get something from my car, and was assaulted by weather that was a RECORD BREAKING 103 degrees F. It was the 6th hottest MSP temp. since 1871. Come on, that is just gross. There is nothing like walking into the office for a day of work feeling like you just trekked through a hot tub…fully clothed. It’s not even the heat that is bothersome to me, it’s the constant sticky layer that coats my skin and makes my clothes cling to me. If I wanted to feel sweaty all the time, I would have been a professional athlete or at least join a gym.

I even broke out the ugly AC unit that has all the tubes sticking out the window. I usually try to refrain from using ‘The Beast‘ because it the least aesthetically pleasing thing I have ever beheld, but yesterday I just couldn’t take it no mo’. People walking outside may look up at my bedroom window and think “Oh, gross. Look at all those ugly tubes coming out the window”, and at first, that might bother me. But then I would stop and remember not to put value on the words of someone crazy enough to be going for a walk in 103 degree weather.

My house is a historic home and does not have central air conditioning so I have to use ‘The Beast’¬†and you know what? I’m fine with that. She does a great job of keeping me cool in the summer and from what I can tell, this summer I’m gonna need it. For all those out there that are in the boat with me and have to use portable AC units or window units, fret not. If you aren’t trying to sell your house, it’s not worth baking alive in your own home. If you are trying to sell your house, just put the units in the areas that aren’t as visible from the road or driveway. You can also invest in an AC unit that doesn’t have to be in a window. These can be kind of pricey though, so whatever you want to spend.

For now, some words of wisdom:

Buckle up Twin Cities, it’s going to be a long, hot summer.