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Moving can be an intimidating process. For a lot of people, it can be overwhelming to look around their home and try to find a place to start packing. A usual comment from people that have recently moved is “I didn’t know I had this much stuff”. It is tough enough for those who live alone to have to pack up all of their boxes, but for parents with small children it can be a nightmare.

While the whole process is a daunting one, Movers-Edge.com has a great article (http://www.movers-edge.com/101-Best-Moving-Tips-s/29.htm) that gives readers 101 tips for moving. This list can help anyone get organized enough to have a successful moving experience. There are tips on the list like pack a suitcase for each member of the family like you’re going on a 3 day trip, or create ‘open me first’ boxes. It includes things that can generally get overlooked by people that are trying to organize their thoughts between houses.

As someone who has recently moved, I wish that I would have had this piece of invaluable information. I am so glad that someone took the time to write this stuff down. I can’t even believe that somebody thought to take pictures of the computer wiring and past it to the outside of the box so you would know how to hook it up. I hope this list helps those of you out there that are trying to move and keeps the process as simple as possible for you.