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Bring on the Sun

Today is Friday. Yes, the six letter magical word that gets children and adults alike, excited about the next two days. We have been conditioned to look forward to this day of the week since we were young, and now with the approaching warm weather, the weekend means bonfires, flip flops, fishing, barbecues, days at the lake and all around quality outdoor time in great weather.

In the land of 10,000 lakes, the Twin Cities boasts some of the most beautiful lakes and parks in the state. The Chain of Lakes is a part of the Grand Rounds in Minneapolis and has a 13.3 mile long trail around it the is excellent for biking, walking or jogging. The Grand Rounds itself is a system of trails, paths and roadways that come together to make a loop around the city approximately 50 miles long. This beautifully urban scenery is perfect for those who enjoy a long bike ride or walk. For those less ambitious folks, there are parts that are also made for vehicles.

The informational website for these places can be found here:


With so many beautiful choices, who wouldn’t want to spend some time outdoors this summer?