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Senior Living

It is a tough decision to put someone in an assisted living center, but not everyone is capable of giving their loved one the kind of attention that is required as they grow older. A lot of people, no matter how old they get, still fear the wrath of an angry parent and that only adds to the burden of how to tell them that they are going to be moving to an assisted care facility. It is not only anger that most people want to avoid, but also the sense of betrayal a person can feel when he or she is being shipped off to an “old folks home”. Some choose to have a loved one live with them, but for those who can’t, it can be a really hard process to get started. The first step, as with so many of these big commitment processes, it to do your research. About.com has an excellent article to help get you started. (http://seniorliving.about.com/od/housingoptions/a/assistedliving.htm) It gives you questions that you need to ask yourself and is an excellent tool to use as a guideline for this delicate process.

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