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First Time Home Buyers

Buying a home for the first time can be a very daunting task. It’s easy for prospective purchasers to feel overwhelmed and not even know where to start. Sometimes, the entire process feels much like standing at the base of a mountain and being told you have to climb it on your hands. While the economy is still tough, there are programs out there for first time buyers that help keep costs low and mortgage payments affordable.
Most people looking to purchase for the first time start out on the internet. The Web has become one of, if not THE most powerful search tool within our grasp today. One of the biggest attractions for those using the internet is the privacy. There isn’t any pressure from agents of loan officers and you can browse at your own pace. This is great for general searches and there are sites out there that are extremely helpful with home buyers looking for specific criteria. One of these search engines is HBM, or Home Buyers Marketing. You do need an agent to get you a login ID and password, but you have access to the latest houses on the market and unlimited search options all the way from price range to near by kickboxing classes and everything in between. Personally, I think that this is the best option for first time home buyers because you get the expertise of the realtors with the privacy of searching from your own home.
HUD.gov gives a list of the steps that a home buyer should go through in the purchasing process. They are as follows:
1. Figure out how much you can afford
2. Know your rights
3. Shop for a loan
4. Learn about homebuying programs
5. Shop for a home
6. Make an offer
7. Get a home inspection
8. Shop for homeowners insurance
9. Sign papers

I found this to be very helpful for two reasons. Reason one is that it lists the steps in between defining a price range and shopping for a house, and two is that the list was pre-made so it saved me a lot of time. The first reason is more important, of course, and I feel that it is good that people know that there are certain steps in between steps 1 and 5…3 steps to be exact, and it’s good that they are mentioned because they are important, especially for those who have never bought a home before.

I guess that the one piece of advice I can give for those who are trying to buy a house for the first time is to research, research, RESEARCH! Buying a home is an investment, so make sure you research, ask questions, and choose wisely!
Side note:
If you are interested in HBM please email jimboo@teamboo.com and he will answer any questions you may have.
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